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What to expect

What can I expect on a Sunday at Covenant Presbyterian Church of the Low Country?  And what about my children?

We are so glad you asked! It can be intimidating to walk into a new place of worship with unfamiliar faces and unexpected traditions or customs. We want you to feel welcome and at-home so that you can be free to worship the Lord Jesus Christ without any hindrances and to be blessed in His presence and truth. 

The Lord's Day at Covenant Presbyterian Fellowship

Education hour 9:30am. We hold a traditional Sunday school for adults and separate class(es) for children. Currently Pastor Gleason is teaching through the book of Genesis. We walk through an outline together and discuss points of deeper thinking or application.

A note from Pastor Gleason about our Genesis study: You will find that this book will serve as the background for many truths contained in Scripture. Genesis is not only foundational for the first five books of the Old Testament, but also for the messages of the prophets, the covenantal promises given to the patriarchs, and for understanding the New Testament teachings as well.  

Coffee and refreshments 10:15-10:30am. Usually someone has brought a home-made goodie that we all share with a hot beverage or refreshing bottle of water. We welcome visitors during this time and greet one another before entering into worship.

Lord's Day morning worship service 10:30am - 11:45. Our worship service can be characterized as reverential, orderly, and full of truth and joy. The weekly worship folder/bulletin is very helpful in following the order of worship as we join together corporately as a body to worship our Triune God in the unity we share in Christ. An example of our trifold bulletin is below. You can also click on the first page to open it as a separate document.

Cpclc worship folder 12.8.19 p1 jpg

CPCLC Worship folder 12.8.19 p2 jpg

You may notice that we use several books and have a special order in our worship service. We sing hymns from the Trinity Hymnal, we sing Psalms from the Trinity Psalter to the tune of familiar hymns. We read Psalms responsively (the leader says one line, the congregation responds together with the next line) that we find in the back section of the Trinity Hymnal.

We read and recite Scripture passages, creeds, and confessions together aloud. We do this all in a special order that we understand to be "proper and scriptural pattern[s] of worship that have been historically observed by the church, particularly in the Reformed tradition." (OPC Book of Church Order, Directory for the Public Worship of God, Chapter 1, C.3.a.)

If this style of worship is new to you, please don't be alarmed or intimidated. There is such beauty, truth, conviction, confidence, encouragement and grace in these hymns, Psalms, and confessions, prayers and readings. They glorify God and edify his church. Visit our What We Believe and Statement of Faith pages to learn how our beliefs inform our worship services.

Lord's Day evening worship service, 5:00pm-6:00pm. Return to worship with us in the evening! This is usually less formal than the morning, as the sermon portion of the service includes Q&A or discussion of the sermon topic. Pastor Gleason is currently teaching through the Heidelberg catechism. The evening service follows an order of worship as well, which is shown in the worship bulletin.


What about children?

Great question. We encourage the whole family to worship together when possible, and at the same time we do realize there are unique opportunites for us to teach/learn in age-appropriate manner.

During the Sunday school hour, we teach an excellent Christ-centered children's curriculum geared toward elementary and middle school ages, and nursery is provided for children 0-4.

During the worship services, nursery is provided for children ages 0-4, and older children  worship in the pew with their families. We believe that we have an incredible opportunity to teach our children how to worship and WHO we worship by integrating them in worship with the whole body of believers. Remember that Christ Jesus is also ministering to the children in worship by the Holy Spirit. It is a joy to worship together as families. 

There is a private room which can be utilized as a cry or nursing room at your convenience.